Ensuring Public Safety

Sunnyvale was named the Safest City in America multiple times, but our residents still feel unsafe as we see various thefts and other types of crime across District 3 on the Sunnyvale Neighborhood Crime Map. My top three priorities for public safety are:

  1. Making sure residents both are safe and feel safe
  2. Strengthening the relationship and communication between DPS and our neighborhoods and local small businesses
  3. Fully staffing and funding our Department to Public Safety (DPS)


Transportation is roughly half of all greenhouse gas emissions out of Sunnyvale. If we’re going to reach our ambitious, but achievable goal of bringing our emission down to 80% below 1990 levels by 2050, we need to take bold action. My top three priorities for transportation are to:

  1. Reduce car traffic by increasing access to all forms of transportation through the activation and implementation of Sunnyvale’s existing Active Transportation Plan (ATP) and Vision Zero plan
  2. Ensure Safe Routes to School for our youth and improve pedestrian safety with safety enhancements at our intersections, implementing traffic calming measures in high risk areas and working with community neighborhoods to solicit their feedback on needed safety improvements
  3. Create first and last mile solutions that provide accessibility to all residents including seniors, the disabled and children

Environmental Sustainability

As we are now in a climate crisis and face increasing threats from climate hazards like drought, sea-level rise, and extreme heat, we know that some of our most vulnerable residents are hit harder than others. We must take proactive action as a city to address these concerns. My top priorities for environmental sustainability are:

  1. Implement our Climate Action Plan 2.0 recommendations
  2. Aggressively reduce our Sunnyvale’s emissions through transportation improvements
  3. Ensure the city is a leader in transitioning the fleet to electric vehicles and not overinvesting in fossil fuel infrastructure
  4. Increase local water supply and efficiency by ensuring the city is supporting efforts around recycled water, onsite water reuse, and other water-saving measures
  5. Explore multi-benefit, nature-based solutions like increasing our urban tree canopy as well as building shoreline resilience through tidal marsh restoration and horizontal levees

Fiscal Responsibility

I know that the continued solvency, fiscal responsibility, and forward thinking of the City Council is a top priority for our residents. I will bring my experience in government affairs and as an advocate to make sure that our tax dollars are being used judiciously and in the best public interest. My top three priorities to ensure fiscal responsibility are:

  1. Investing in technology for city operations and innovative construction practices for public works projects to reduce long term costs
  2. Leveraging city processes to provide the most community benefits possible when negotiating with developers through development agreements with the City
  3. Ensuring that our economic development efforts provide the tax revenue to sustain our core city services

Access to Affordable Housing

We are in a housing crisis. Longtime residents, young families, service workers—our neighbors that make Sunnyvale the great city that it is are being priced out. While Sunnyvale cannot singlehandedly solve this problem, we must do our part in easing the burden on our residents. My top priorities to support housing are:

  1. Use a “smart growth” approach to ensure housing is put in places that make sense. Specifically, transit-oriented development like that in our El Camino Real, Lawrence Station, and Moffett Park Specific plans is critical not just in reaching our climate goals, but our sustainability goals as well
  2. Partner with the county to serve our most vulnerable homeless neighbors with dignity
  3. Fund our community partners and find sites for transitional housing opportunities like Project Homekey. Our neighbors in Santa Clara and Mountain View have already done so and acquired $33 million in state funding–Sunnyvale must also take advantage of these funding opportunities and treat all our neighbors with compassion
  4. Complete the urban village plans in the land use and transportation element (LUTE) of our General Plan to ensure each neighborhood has a focal point to get all the retail services they need while providing housing at these sites as well